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ClickFunnels vs. Kajabi
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How does Kajabi stack up against ClickFunnels and visa versa?
 Well, in this post I'm going to share my experience with both platforms, because I pay for them both right now and use them for different purposes, which you'll understand once you finish this short post.
Here you can see we have a membership site with products we've built into Kajabi:
What I first liked about building out this membership site in Kajabi is the fact that it was super super simple. That's one thing they have working for them and the other thing is that it's truly built to be a strong membership site, but they are completely missing the funnel elements like upsells and bump offers and all of the awesome things that ClickFunnels does so well.
So, what we found was that we were limited by our funnel path and we were leaving a ton of money on the table, so we decided to move everything for the 7 Figure Sales Training brand over to ClickFunnels, which you can see here:
So, we choose ClickFunnels over Kajabi because at the end of the day we're able to generate more revenue and profit from our funnels built within ClickFunnels than we are from our funnels built leading people into our kajabi membership site and order checkout process.

One of the other things that always bothered me with Kajabi is the fact that you can't send people direct to an order form, but rather you have to send them to a pre-checkout page and then they have click the link to buy which goes over to the order form. This might not sound like a big deal, but it is. You don't want to have people going through multiple steps to figure out how to buy. You want to make the checkout process as simple and easy as possible.

The other thing is adding bump offers to the order forms, which you currently can't do that either. So, to me ClickFunnels is a clear no-brainer when it comes to building your sales funnels, membership sites and everything you need to capture leads and convert sales online.
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