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How does OptimizePress stack up against ClickFunnels?
Great question. I’ve been using OptimizePress for over 4 years now, before every other marketer on the planet started using it to sell stuff online or capture leads online.  that we build out sites for clients all of the time. In fact, we have referred over 2,000 people to buy OptimizePress over the years. With that said, OptimizePress is great because you only have to pay a one-time fee to own it and then it’s yours for life. Woohoo!
In terms of how does it stack up? Well ClickFunnels you pay a monthly or annual fee and it’s much more expensive for the most part. At least double the cost, but I will say this… you will accelerate your funnel building process, because clickfunnels allows you to do it with a few simple clicks. That part is amazing.
The only hurdle you’re going to have to get over is that it’s a monthly membership fee. So here’s how to justify it. Build your funnel using ClickFunnels and start driving traffic to your funnel. Generate at least a couple sales a month and you’ll be on your way to completely paying for clickfunnels depending on how much profit margin you make per sale. Everyone is different you know.
Then I recommend that you sign up and promote ClickFunnels or include it in your funnel so that when 3 people sign up. That covers the cost of using the software every single month. Isn’t that awesome or what? Russell certainty didn’t have to include an affiliate program, but he did because he’s a smart marketer and we should all be thanking him for it.
Plus, the templates within Click Funnels are just sexy and high converting for the most part:
Click here to get an account and start building high converting funnels that produce revenue today vs. waiting forever to build out a site or worst never launching which is what most people never do unfortunately.

If you have any questions about OptimizePress or Click Funnels just let us know by hitting us up on live chat or phone or by submitting a quote to our “Get a Quote” page where we can answer any of your questions about any of these platforms, because we have extensive user experience and testing hundreds of thousands of dollars through them.

Disclaimer: Results will vary and it depends on the hard work, time and effort that is put in.